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HumanITy IT services for the Rest of Us eCourse & web development


What is HumanITy all about?

Origin Story…

I started HumanITy after having worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. I worked for a large consulting firms and saw how technology can increase productivity and streamline processes. I have also seen how those types of technologies are out of reach to the average small business and non-profit, where they are needed most. My goal is to provide the appropriate technology and services, at an appropriate rate, to those who need it most.

How can I help?

  • Having trouble communicating with the average IT professional?
  • Worried your critical information isn’t being reliably backed up?
  • Interested in the world of Cloud Computing, but don’t know if it’s right for you?
  • Having trouble with email, file, and calendar sharing?
  • Having trouble understanding new technologies and choosing which one is right for you?
  • Worried about security?

Why HumanITy?

I pride myself on communication.  I strive to fully understand my clients’ needs and provide the appropriate solution.  I’m passionate about making it easier for others to share what they love and build their business. I can help you turn your thoughts and ideas into affordable and easy to manage IT solutions.

Meet Brian

Brian Knapp

Brian Knapp

The IT Guy

I’m passionate about making it easier for others to share what they love and build their business.


Helping you find the RIGHT technology.

Cloud Service Consulting

Let me help you leverage the power and reliability of affordable, online application suites.  I’ve helped quite a few clients migrate their entire workflow into the cloud utilizing services such as Google Apps and Amazon AWS.  I can also help take the stress and worry out of backup and disaster recovery planning and implantation.

Web Design and Development

My goal is to listen to your needs first and foremost. I also understand the importance of maintaining a balance between design and functionality. I have a very open minded approach regarding technology and design. I understand the needs of artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners and want to create a website you are excited to show off, but that is easy to maintain!

eCourse Design and Development

When my wife, artist Juliette Crane, wanted an ecourse platform that had a single login and was easy for both her and her students to use, we worked together to design and develop a custom online course platform and website. I’ve received such positive feedback that I knew I needed to offer my services to others looking to share their gifts.

Video Design and Editing

In the online marketplace, video is king! I can help you create a reliable process for creating loads of great looking video. I can help take the confusion out of video formats, converting and streaming those videos with affordable services like YouTube and Vimeo, 

What people say about HumanITy

Sarah Baumgartner, Irongate

“We are extremely pleased with HumanITy and highly recommend them. Brian converted our business to the cloud and tailored it very specifically to our needs. He is very knowledgeable, is easy to work with and does a fantastic job. We couldn’t be happier with the services HumanITy provides and would recommend them to anyone looking for professional IT consulting services.”

Sarah Baumgartner, Irongate
Executive Director, CSN

“I estimate the changes HumanITy is helping us to implement will save us over 300 man-hours a year by improving many of our internal processes using various services Google is providing to us for free!”

Executive Director, CSN
Dr. Derrick hau, Vancouver Spinal Care

We cannot recommend HumanITy highly enough. We worked with Brian and were completely satisfied. He went above and beyond and his rates were very reasonable. We are not very “tech savvy” and Brian was able to simplify and clearly communicate what was going on and give us practical options for our business. We had a complete server crash and Intel said our data was GONE. We thought we would be down for weeks, but Brian got us up and running the same day. He worked tirelessly and was able to rebuild our server and recover 95% of our data from two time zones away in a matter of a few days. Our customers and employees barely noticed. I can’t thank him enough for helping us stay calm during a highly stressful event. Afterward, he was able to give us some affordable solutions to prevent this from happening again.

Dr. Derrick hau, Vancouver Spinal Care
Juliette Crane, Artist

“I really wanted my e-course websites to look professional and be easy to use as both a teacher and student. It was important to me to have the entire classroom, discussion group and photo gallery with one elegant look and log-in. I also wanted more time to focus on the class content and creating new creative projects, so I didn’t want to have to fuss with the administrative side of things. Brian built an e-course website that has all of the customized features I’d been looking for. The discussion group and gallery make it so easy for students to ask questions or share what supplies they’ve used for a painting all in one organized place, which promotes a dialog between me and other students, just like in an in-person classroom.”

Juliette Crane, Artist



Some of my happiest customers...




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